Hello! I am Joonatan Honkanen. I work as an editor as well as 
a front end developer. I have passion for pixel perfect, flawless and stunning results of my workflow.

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Special Skills

Video Editing & Producing

I've been doing video projects on my own since I was 10 years old. I worked as an intern at Yle for about 6 months and continued there as a freelancer for some time.
I've also produced marketing videos to MAF and Business College Helsinki.

Front End Developing

I mainly work with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but I know Drupal and WordPress as well. 
I graduated with Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology from Business College Helsinki

Photography and Print

Since I got my first camera when I turned 7, I've been taking photos and learning about photography. I've started doing visual elements and graphics when I was introduced to editing. My main tools are my camera,  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

Contact information:

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